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Certified Surveys / Property Valuations
  What if something goes wrong?
There are a number of reasons why you might need an official valuation or full survey on your property. As in the UK the sale price might not reflect the market price for a property so in it's most basic form our survey will reassure you that the property is worth what is being asked for it. Alternatively, it may help you to lower your bid or walk away if the price is not open to negotiation. A survey may also highlight building problems that you did not know existed.
If you wish to mortgage your property or refinance your home you will need a survey / Valuation.
If you have a commercial property and involved with value assessments of same as well as sorting out rental agreements and leasing then having an accurate valuation of your property is necessary.
If you are buying or selling then an official survey/valuation can help with negotiations.
Obviously, we hope that your life in France becomes the dream you always hoped it would and by taking some basic inexpensive advice and precautionary measure at this stage it probably will be.
The role of the AIPP is:
To freely offer qualified information and support to UK buyers of a foreign property.
To bring together, under a strict code of conduct, all professional companies in the business of creating and selling foreign property
Certified Valuations may be required for the following:
Wealth Tax

  With regard to the ISF (Wealth Tax) you may require a valuation to apply for a recalculation of the imposed tax.

As a 'Constat' or Assessor / Officer of the Court we are often asked by the Court to provide a detailed Certified report about the 'current state' of a building i.e. It's state of repair, a specific situation with regard to some damage or even when a New Build is not properly finished.
  If you are insuring the property or making legal agreements like wills and even divorce then a proper valuation is a must.

We are voluntary members of the AIPP

This means we have a code of conduct to adhere to and complaints can be sent to the ombudsman.

Please don't hesitate to contact us - it costs nothing to have a chat and as you can see we are bound by strict rules of both confidentiality and professionalism to provide an excellent service.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  For full details please call or email us and we will be happy to call you back at a convenient time to talk things over.