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Translations / Translators - Court Approved
When buying in France at some point you will need a proper translation of what is occurring. Initially, the Estate Agent (Immobilier) will be able to communicate the the basics regarding the property and the price structure (including taxes!) so that you have a reasonable idea of what it will cost you.

Once you go to the Notaire though the whole thing changes. There are a whole host of things that the
average translator will not be able to fully explain and these are things that can come back later and bite you in the bum!

Whether the Agent is English or French their technical knowledge of the language of the law may not be sufficient to fully appraise you of what is involved with a particular property. The same might well apply to a local 'Translator' or friend.

At Terra France Expertise we are often appointed by the Court to provide expert translations for Intricate court cases involving property.

We can become involved even sooner if you like?

Having full confidence in your translator can bring peace of mind. We are also experts in property and my pick up on things that others have missed.

We can also, as stated elsewhere on this site, provide you with an accurate Court accepted valuation at the same time which could save you a lot of money in the long term.
  For full details please call or email us and we will be happy to call you back at a convenient time to talk things over.